About Us

Rapha Labs was founded in August 1996.  Rapha is the Hebrew word for healing.  Our team researches and developes innovative Colloidal Silver products and labs with the help of University of British Columbia, CANTEST, NORWEST and REGAL RESEARCH LABS. 

Rapha Labs was the first company to publish Electron Microscopy and EDX analysis online to substantiate the particlization and oligodynamic properties of Colloidal Silver.”

“Our mission is to improve your health, strengthen your immune system, and help eradicate infection and disease.”

Baruch (Bruce) Gorovenko

Prior to Rapha Laboratories Baruch was a professional business consultant, working in Public Relations, Business Management and Marketing Consulting, in Vancouver, BC Canada.  After a business client mentioned the benefits of Colloidal Silver Baruch went from skeptic to the largest producer of Colloidal Silver in Canada. 

Suzanne Lauren-Seale

Suzanne brings with her many years of research and development of Natural Skin Care products. As President and Founder of Natures Creations Aromatherapy, North Vancouver BC, she has been the lead formulator and product designer of over 80 all-natural products for the Natural Health Cosmetic Industry. Suzanne integrates Colloidal Silver into the finest all natural cosmetic products available.

David Chaikin

BSc Physiology, MSc Biochemical Engineering Research & Technical Consultant Prior to joining Rapha Laboratories David worked with Permutit-Boby, London UK as a water treatment Engineer. Process Engineer Unilever Research, London UK.  Process Development/Optimization Manager Bulmers Cider, London UK.  Water Treatment Researcher at Ben-Gurion University, Beersheva Israel. Developer of water treatment and ultra filtration processes to remove bacteria, viruses, and particles from water.

The late Jeff Johns Regal Research Labs

Jeff was a dear friend, remembered as a wonderful and generous humanitarian. Jeff’s passion was to research safe and natural ways to eradicate disease, both internally and topically.  As an astute chemist and engineer Jeff made countless significant contributions in product formulation research and development.  At his passing the Health Industry lost a wonderful and blessed soul.  Rapha Labs is privileged to honor the memory of a great man and a natural health pioneer.

““I was feeling listless and tired, I thought it was something minor, I did not see a doctor for many months.   Then I discovered that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) was 13.4 (4.0 is considered normal for my age). An ultrasound and a biopsy confirmed that I had prostate cancer which had not metastasized (it was confined to the prostate gland).”  I took Colloidal Silver as part of the regiment to build my immunity and restore my health.”

Dave Johnson, Wells BC