Micro Generators

Microlabs are Colloidal Silver generators designed to produce 5 to 40 gallons (20-150 litres) of Colloidal Silver per batch.  Each micro lab is uniquely designed to meet requirements of each country.  Decades of research and development have enabled us to realize manufacturing efficiencies with very affordable equipment costs.  Our first production facility was a 2,000 sq foot, controlled environment laboratory in Surrey, BC. Canada.  We’ve since manufactured microlabs where the entire  process of production, from generation to bottling, is accomplished within a far smaller enclosed space, hence the term microlab.

Our micro labs are engineered to generate Colloidal Silver according to the same properties as naturally occuring colloidal silver within ground water.  The metrics of natural particalization are related to the efficacy of our Colloidal Silver.  Most researchers agree that larger particalization is not as effective as extremely small ionic particalization.  Rapha Labs is the forerunner in developing a Colloidal Silver manufacturing process that is very well tested and evaluated for efficacy.

Colloidal Silver is sensitive to light, heat, and cold.  The methodology of storing and shipping Colloidal Silver is as important as the quality of production.  In addition to providing microlabs we also provide onsite strategies to store and distribute to ensure each customer receives the most effective product possible.

If you are interested in manufacturing Colloidal Silver, participating in a joint venture, or investing in international business opportunties, please feel free to contact us.