The most meaningful evaluation of any product should be based upon the benefits experienced by its customers…

biopsy confirmed that I had prostate cancer…

I was feeling listless and tired, I thought it was something minor, I did not see a doctor for many months.   Then I discovered that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) was 13.4 (4.0 is considered normal for my age). An ultrasound and a biopsy confirmed that I had prostate cancer which had not metastasized (it was confined to the prostate gland).”  I was not impressed with my options that included radiation, implanting radioactive beads into the prostate, and/or being put on a long wait list for surgery.  I turned to a Naturopathic Doctor for help.  The Naturopath prescribed a quantity of natural medications, dietary advise etc. but these were costly and I had no financial assistance to cover this, even with Blue Cross.  I got some of the things the Naturopath recommended and the “fever” symptoms were considerably reduced, but a blood test showed my PSA had climbed to 21.5.  A Urologist recommended Casodex-Bicalutamide for 30 days (Casodex is an anti-androgen allowing interference with some of the male sex hormones thought to influence the growth of prostate cancer cells).  I also received an injection of Zoladex in the abdomen, just under the skin, which gradually releases medication designed to maintain suppression of testosterone levels. I started the pills and got the injection.”  

“I had heard about the benefits of Colloidal Silver from a friend so I began to take Rapha Laboratories Colloidal Silver.  I felt a remarkable improvement. A further follow-up blood test resulted in a PSA of 2.9 (normal is considered to be 4.0).  I dID not require any follow-up pills or injections.  Colloidal Silver Water is all that I presently take and I feel great. My next follow-up blood test for a PSA reading is scheduled and I’m looking forward to it!”

Dave Johnson, Wells BC

I was diagnosed with a “gallbladder disease”…

“I was diagnosed with a “gallbladder disease”  and my condition deteriorated for over two years until I was unable to eat solid food, I lost 27 lbs.  One day I collapsed, at the hospital I was diagnosed with a perforated stomach in need of surgery.  Before the operation I attended an alternative health seminar and it was recommended that I find Colloidal Silver and take it immediately.”

“I was managing a Health Food Store in Port Coquitlam B.C. and a sales rep brought a sample of Rapha Labs 16 oz., 20 ppm Colloidal Silver.  I took the sample home and used it, taking 3 tablespoons every 4 hours.  In two weeks I gained 10 lbs and enjoyed eating solid foods again.   Colloidal Silver did wonders.”

“I went to my Doctor for a blood test and the results showed that I was on the mend.  “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up,” he said. There is much more I could say about my experience but I’ve witnessed many customers give wonderful success stories with Colloidal Silver.  Some testimonies would be hard to believe, but I know how well Colloidal Silver works.”

“I’ll never forget one customer, a 28 year man, he first came into the store on crutches.  He read about Colloidal Silver in the store and bought two 16 oz. bottles.  Two weeks later he returned to the Colloidal Silver had healed his chronic synovial fluid infection and he was able to walk again without crutches.  He jumped up and down in front of the counter and waved his arms in the air.  I have absolutely no doubts that Colloidal Silver works.”

Lisa Matwyko,
Owner, Share the Freedom Healing,
Maple Ridge B.C.

Something that would take away the cold sore…    

“I was a registered nurse for 26 years prior to working in the Health Food Industry.  During the last 10 years I’ve managed a Health Food Store in Delta B.C..  My first experience with Colloidal Silver was when my husband’s employer was giving a 25th anniversary party for him.  At lunchtime I called my husband to say I didn’t want to go out because I had a very large and unpleasant cold sore.  Around 2 pm a customer said she knew something about treating cold sores, she left and returned with a bottle of Colloidal Silver and some cotton balls.  I applied the Colloidal Silver three times, by the time we left for the party the sore was barely noticeable.  Since then we’ve carried the product and heard many happy customers report all sorts of experiences including more energy.  About a third of  our regular Colloidal Silver customers are diabetic, everyone is very satisfied with the product.”

Betty Inglis,
Kennedy Heights Natural Foods
Delta B.C.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer…

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my doctor said that without chemotherapy and radiation I would have four months to live.  I began taking Colloidal Silver and my PSA went from 68 down to .04.  My Doctor said he must have misdiagnosed and referred me to another doctor who said I was fine.  I am also diabetic and after taking Colloidal Silver my blood surgar level is much more stable. It would shoot up to 16-17 but is now 6.5 – 7.  The only thing I’ve done different is taking Colloidal Silver, so I know it does the job for me.” 

Jim Inglis
Delta B.C.


16 oz.-20 ppm size is the winner…

“We’ve carried a wide range of Colloidal Silver brands over the years, in sizes ranging from 2 to 32 oz.  However the 16 oz.-20 ppm size is a winner for us, it gives the customer enough potency to make the difference.  Good products generate customers both by repeat business and referrals to our store.  As a retailer and a health consultant I appreciate the versatility of Colloidal Silver.  I’ve witnessed Colloidal Silver being extremely effective in cases of bronchial infections, severe colds, flu, botulism, and other infection related illnesses. A friend and I were food poisoned while dining out.  I drank four ounces of Colloidal Silver and within two hours I was feeling fine.  My friend was skeptical and waited until the next morning, then he took a tablespoon every 10 minutes until he was also running smooth.  I can recommend Colloidal Silver with absolute certainty.  We’ve had many customers take Colloidal Silver when traveling abroad and heard excellent reports.”  “It’s a great product and our customers love it.”

Brent Axtman,
Heritage Vitamin & Health Fort
Langley B.C.

I developed an eye infection that would not go away…

“Our experiences with Colloidal Silver began when I developed an eye infection that would not go away.  A friend recommended your Colloidal Silver but I was reluctant.  I finally purchased a bottle from the Organic Grocer Health Food Store in Surrey B.C.  I applied it by putting drops directly on my eye.  The Colloidal Silver soothed almost immediately and healed it in TWO DAYS!  I had my eye back to normal and I am very happy!  I gave some to friend with chronic eye problems and he only needed three applications before noticing an improvement.”

“I developed stomach problems and my doctor simply told me that I had lost 15 lbs., and he didn’t know what was wrong.  I began taking the Colloidal Silver internally and within two weeks my weight normalized. We have three adults and my three year old living at home and the Colloidal Silver has been effective to treat eye infections, stomach disorder, urinary tract infection, acne, and eczema.  We haven’t had a cold or flu all winter. With extreme gratitude and unending smiles… many thanks for this great product!”

Devia Vyne,
Surrey B.C.

I’ve carried the Rapha Labs 16 oz. bottles of 20 ppm Colloidal Silver now for about 5 years…

“I’ve been in the Health Food Industry for 17 years and am currently the owner/operator of Surrey Natural Foods.  I’ve carried the Rapha Labs 16 oz. bottles of 20 ppm Colloidal Silver now for about 5 years and have noticed many customers purchase the Colloidal Silver on the recommendation of family and friends.  I personally had excellent results taking Colloidal Silver for sore throats.  I generally take a spoonful and swish it in my mouth when I feel a sore throat coming on.  My daughter takes Colloidal Silver and enzymes to relieve symptoms caused by Hepatitis C.  We’ve had numerous customers come to the store requesting your Colloidal Silver on the recommendation of others, so we know it’s effective.  I really like the product and highly recommend it.  No home should be without it!”

Anne Wallace
Surrey Natural Foods,
Surrey B.C.

after eight years I didn’t think it was ever going to heal…

“Eight years ago, I cut directly into the center of my thumbnail with a skill saw. The wound was deep and never healed properly. It remained soft and mushy. I soaked my thumb in your Colloidal Silver 3 or 4 times a day.  In less than a month my thumbnail was healed.  After eight years I didn’t think it was going to heal.  Colloidal Silver was excellent for me.”

David Pounds
Bellevue, WA

takes care of athletes foot…

“Your Colloidal Silver took care of athletes foot almost immediately.  Also, I take it when I feel a sore throat coming on, the results I’ve experienced are undeniable.  More people should know about it.”

“I took three bottles of you Colloidal Silver on a trip to Mexico and took a few tablespoons daily.  I ate food from street vendors all over Mexico, drank the water, and did everything considered dangerous for touristos.  I never had a problem, I know Colloidal Silver protected me because others eating the same foods weren’t so lucky.”

Russ Marshall
North Vancouver, BC.

had an ear infection for almost one year…

“I had an ear infection that caused a ringing noise in my ear for almost one year.  My doctor prescribed an antibiotic but it didn’t solve the problem.  I used an eyedropper and put 10 drops of your Colloidal Silver in my ear eight times over 48 hours and the ringing noise  completely dissappeared.  I also had major surgery and put the Colloidal Silver on the scar area.  What would otherwise be an obvious and prominent scar is impossible to detect.  An MD didn’t believe me when I said I had major surgery, that is until he saw my medical history.  I told the doctor that he should know about Colloidal Silver but that went up like a lead balloon.”

Alfred Gorovenko (dad)
Vernon, B.C.

I’m over 80 years old and I tell everybody about Colloidal Silver

“I had a “frog in my throat” and congestion in my right ear.  The doctor said I had post nasal drip.  Often when I began to eat I would start coughing, have spasms, and bring up mucus, and sometimes vomit. I began taking Colloidal Silver.  The problem cleared and I don’t have the bad attacks.”

Kathryn Gunderson
Chilliwack B.C.

From the President of Rapha Laboratories:

“I frequently get asked about how much Colloidal Silver I personally take, how often I take it, and what kind of results I’ve experienced.  I might write a book about this one day.  One time I was flying back to Canada after being in Israel for a few months.  I missed my flight from London.  I had no winter clothes, I caught a chill before boarding the next flight.  Arrived home weak and exhausted and went right to bed, 3 hours later I awoke with a nasty sore throat, very painful to swallow.  I gargled Colloidal Silver a half dozen times, a couple minutes each time and then swallowed.  I drank half a bottle then went to sleep.  The next moring, after about 5 hours of sleep, the sore throat, drained energy, nausea was gone. “

“When I feel anything coming at me, if something doesn’t feel right I take a healthy dose of Colloidal Silver.  I keep a bottle or three handy for myself and whoever else needs a boost to their immune system.  It is only greed and narrow mindedness that keeps Colloidal Silver from being more widely known and used.”

Baruch (Bruce) Gorovenko
President Rapha Laboratories
Surrey B.C.

Dear Rapha Labs
RE: Colloidal Silver Gel

“A small red lump appeared on the side of my nose.  It started to grow larger and ugly.  My doctor was quite concerned, he said it looked like a cancerous growth and that I should have it removed.  I contacted our local Health Food Store, Bonnie Doon Health Supplies, for suggestions. They recommended your Colloidal Silver Gel.  I rubbed it in several times a day and noticed the skin was sloughing off. After 3 weeks the growth was gone.  I went back to my doctor and told him what I had done, he just said, “that’s what we like to hear”.  I still use the Colloidal Silver Gel about once a week on that spot, and I take Colloidal Silver internally. Thank you so much for this very effective product.”

O.P. Osoyoos, BC